Blackhole APK Changelogs (v1.15.8 – v1.12.0)

Welcome to the changelogs page for the Blackhole APK. Here, you can see all the changes and improvements that have been made to this Blackhole app. This app is constantly being updated and made better to give you the best experience and functionality.

You can find the new features and bug fixes in each version below. You can also download the latest version of this app and older versions from the Download page.

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Version 1.15.7:

  • Fixed a bug that made YouTube links expire.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Spotify login on iOS devices.
  • Added an option to change the buttons on the compact notification.
  • Added a search history feature in the YouTube section.
  • Fixed a bug that affected the cursor position in the search bar.
  • Added an option to search both YouTube and YouTube Music.
  • Added a stats section to show app usage and performance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused playlists to not show up when favorites are empty.
  • Added YouTube autoplay support to play related songs automatically.
  • Added an option to multi-select items in the playlist for easier management.

Version 1.15.6:

  • Added a feature to cache songs for offline playback.
  • Replaced YouTube with YouTube Music as the source of songs.
  • Added support for searching playlists, artists, and albums on YouTube.
  • Added a like button to the notification panel.
  • Added support for opening Spotify and YouTube song links in the app.
  • Added an option to search on YouTube if the song is not found on Home.
  • Added an option to remove Top Charts from the home screen.
  • Added YouTube Music search suggestions feature.
  • Partially fixed a bug that caused YouTube links to expire (This needs more testing).
  • Added a feature to auto import playlists by directly sharing json files to the app.
  • Changed the user interface for the last session feature.
  • Added a skeleton for the Android widget (This is not yet developed).
  • Improved logging functionality.

Version 1.15.5:

  • Redesigned the playlist user interface.
  • Added support for playing podcasts and mixes.
  • Made some minor changes in the artist user interface.
  • Changed the default action for tapping on playlists.
  • Changed the default action for tapping on the artwork in the player screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the download button to lose track of progress.
  • Added logging feature and an option to export logs.
  • Removed the forced capitalization of the user name.
  • Fixed a bug that affected YouTube playback on iOS devices.
  • Added support to check if YouTube link is expired or not (This will be used in the future to refresh links).
  • Added a feature to resume playback from where the user left off.
  • Fixed a bug that affected Spotify charts.
  • Changed the user interface for search suggestions.
  • Re-added the chart country selection feature.
  • Added support for Punjabi language.
  • Removed device_info dependency.

Version 1.15.2:

  • Added better support for viewing and playing albums and artists inside playlists.
  • Added a like button inside playlists, except for the favorites playlist.
  • Added a like button inside the last session feature.
  • Changed the default icons for the miniplayer.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some albums and artists from showing up for local music.
  • Fixed some user interface issues.
  • Fixed a bug that affected the restore functionality.
  • Fixed a bug that caused F-droid build problems.

Version 1.15.1:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the app from building on Fdroid.
  • Fixed some issues with importing songs and playlists.
  • Fixed a bug that affected the local charts feature.
  • Fixed some user interface overlay issues.
  • Fixed a bug that caused update problems.

Version 1.15.0:

  • Improved the user interface for selecting the player screen background.
  • Added a feature to import playlists from JioSaavn.
  • Added new gestures to control the miniplayer.
  • Added an option to replay the current song by pressing the skip to previous button.
  • Added an automatic check for download status and progress.
  • Added an option to merge two or more playlists into one.
  • Improved the layout and functionality of the landscape mode.
  • Added support for all types of JioSaavn links, both direct and shared to the app.
  • Fixed some visual issues in the light theme.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the seek bar time to display incorrectly when changing the repeat mode.
  • Added more gradient options to the new player screen gradient selector.
  • Added support for Ukrainian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Dutch, and Polish languages.
  • Made some other minor user interface changes and improvements.

Version 1.14.0:

  • Added support for Chinese, Czech, and Turkish languages.
  • Added search suggestions feature in the YouTube section.
  • Added error messages for some cases to help users troubleshoot problems.
  • Changed the app to load the last queue instead of the last session on restart.
  • Improved the landscape mode layout and functionality.
  • Added a back button to the empty screens for easier navigation.
  • Added a quality selection option for the YouTube section.
  • Added lyrics feature for local songs. The app will search online for lyrics if they are not available offline.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some YouTube songs from downloading.
  • Redesigned the player user interface.
  • Fixed a bug that caused download cancellation issues.
  • Added hover effects for desktop versions of the app.
  • Fixed a bug that affected Resso import functionality.
  • Added playlists to the home screen for quick access.
  • Added a popup menu to the songs on the home screen for more options.
  • Made some other user interface changes and bug fixes.

Version 1.13.0:

  • Some gestures now have haptic feedback.
  • YouTube section now has PlayNext, AddToQueue, AddToPlaylist, etc.
  • Text animation for text that overflows in the player screen.
  • Autobackup feature is now available.
  • Restore option can be accessed in the login Screen itself (No need to enter name and all and then restore).
  • Long press on song titles to copy them.
  • YouTube search bar changed (live search now supported).
  • Backup issue fixed when storage permissions were not given.
  • App restart after restore is no longer needed (It should work fine as far as I have tested if something doesn’t work properly then just restart once).
  • Homescreen images size issue fixed after the image is loaded.
  • Artist images size issue fixed for some images.
  • Empty space issue fixed when “City Hots” not available.
  • Home sections can be blacklisted now.
  • Offline section now has album/artist/genre tabs.
  • Music artworks issue fixed for offline playlists.
  • YouTube playlists now play all songs in the playlist (continuous playback).
  • Background dominant color settings changed (Only dark colors will be shown now, no light colors).
  • Some color issues fixed in light mode.
  • Share issue fixed for albums/playlists in search results showing null.
  • Remove from playlist issue fixed for online playlists.
  • Top artist songs can be filtered by popular, date, and name.
  • Artist section now has the latest release, featured & dedicated playlists, and similar artists.
  • Artists can be liked, top songs can be saved to a playlist, and all top artist songs can be downloaded.
  • Performance improved.
  • Playlists now have shuffle and play buttons.
  • Song tiles now have a view album option.
  • Compile SDK upgraded to 31 (Android 12).
  • Songs/albums/playlists in view all are no longer limited to 50/20 results respectively. More results are fetched when you reach the end of the list.

Version 1.12.0

  • The update includes the addition of Local Hot Songs, which are popular songs in your area, and support for translating the app into different languages.
  • You now have the option to use the system theme of your device and save custom themes.
  • Various bugs have been fixed, such as issues with importing YouTube playlists, displaying lyrics in the Downloads section, and performing offline searches.
  • Offline playlists are now supported, and you can search for specific songs within your playlists.
  • The feature for importing playlists from Spotify has been improved, ensuring that no duplicate playlists are created.
  • You can now remove album art gestures and reduce the height of the miniplayer.
  • A like button has been added for playlists and albums.
  • The navigation drawer now has more items, and there is a new lockscreen artwork feature.
  • You can continuously swipe between tabs on the homescreen, and there is an option to copy lyrics.
  • The player screen now displays information about the currently playing song, and you can browse albums directly from the player screen.
  • You have the option to stream downloaded songs when you have an internet connection.
  • The app’s animations have been made faster, and live search results are now available.
  • You can customize the buttons in the miniplayer and there are some changes to the app’s user interface in the settings.
  • Several issues have been fixed, including problems with text and progress bar alignment, sorting by the most recently added songs, the search icon, playlists with reserved names, and importing playlists from Spotify without the playlist image.


With the recent updates to the app (version 1.15.8) have addressed various bugs and introduced several new features and improvements. The YouTube links expiration bug has been fixed, ensuring uninterrupted access to YouTube content.

Additionally, Spotify login on iOS devices is now functioning properly. Users now have the option to customize the buttons on the compact notification, enhancing their user experience. The search history feature has been added to the YouTube section, allowing for easier navigation.

Other fixes include resolving cursor position issues and ensuring playlists display correctly. The introduction of YouTube autoplay support and a multi-select option in playlists further enhances convenience.

The newly added stats section provides valuable insights into app usage and performance. Overall, these updates have made the app more reliable, feature-rich, and user-friendly.