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Elinoretenorio/jobskee-open-source-job-board is a great solution for those looking for an easy-to-use and cost-effective job board. It has minimal configuration required, making it relatively simple to set up and maintain.

Jobskee offers a wide range of features including job postings, applicant tracking, notifications, and more. It is also backed by a strong open-source community (Github) that provides ongoing support and continuous development.

What is Jobskee and How Does it Work?

Jobskee is an open-source job board created by Elinore Tenorio, a software engineer, and entrepreneur. The job board has a minimal configuration and relatively small footprint design, making it easy for businesses to post jobs and for job seekers to find them. Jobskee is entirely free to use; its purpose is to make hiring processes easier and more accessible for everyone.

The goal of Jobskee is to provide a simple yet powerful platform that enables employers and recruiters alike to post jobs quickly and easily while also providing job seekers with the opportunity to find suitable positions in their desired fields. It features an intuitive user interface that makes posting jobs or searching through current listings straightforward.

Additionally, all listings can be filtered according to skill level, location, or salary information which helps potential applicants narrow down the search process even further.

Video Tutorial On How to install Jobskee Source code

Requirements: Installation & Configuration

To use Jobskee, you will need the following:

  • PHP version 5.3 or higher
  • MySQL database
  • mod_rewrite enabled

To install Jobskee:

  1. Export the SQL file
  2. Update the admin table with your desired username and password (using the SHA1 encryption method)
  3. Upload all necessary files
  4. Update the config.php file with your specific settings
  5. Change the file permission of the /assets/images and /assets/attachments folders to 777
  6. Verify that all .htaccess files were properly uploaded

By default, the admin login information is as follows:

Installation Instructions:

  1. Use PHP5.3+ by editing the .htaccess file in the root folder. Some older hosting providers may still use PHP5.2, but Jobskee will not run on this version. To enable PHP5.3+, uncomment the following line in the .htaccess file:

AddType application/x-httpd-php53 .php

  1. Import the jobskee.sql file into a MySQL database. Before importing, you may edit the file to update the admin account, categories, and cities with your desired values.
  2. Set up your Jobskee job board by editing the config.php file in the root folder. Here are some important values to consider:
  • APP_MODE – set to ‘development’ by default, but should be changed to ‘production’ when your site is live.
  • APP_THEME – set to ‘default’ by default, but can be customized by copying the default theme to a new folder and changing the value to that folder’s name.
  • SMTP SETTINGS – can be set to use Gmail or your own hosting’s mail host.
  • APPLICATION URL PATHS – provide the full URL for your site, including trailing slashes.
  • SHARETHIS_PUBID – register a Publication ID at ShareThis.com to enable social media sharing.
  • CRON_TOKEN – provide a unique token to expire jobs using the path: /cron/jobs/expire/:cron_token
  • GA_TRACKING – add a Google Analytics tracking ID for insights into your job board.
  • To switch the language from English to French, comment out lines 15 and 16 and uncomment lines 19 and 20 in the config.php file.
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