Free Fire partners with McLaren for a crossover event, featuring McLaren’s signature cars

Garena has partnered with McLaren Racing to provide exclusive content for its popular Free Fire Battle Royale. Ace the Field is a new collaboration that brings various in-game features, social media activities, and McLaren content to survivors.

The two companies plan to create an exclusive version of the game called MCLFF, which is short for McLaren-Free Fire. MCLFF was created to represent McLaren’s vision for the future.

Free Fire

As part of the collaboration, the latest McLaren MCL35M model will be displayed. , Kalahari or Purgatory can now drive McLaren exclusive vehicles. Yes, the game will feature themed vehicles throughout the crossover.

In addition, players can drive their own vehicles on the newly added track on Free Fire Training Island. Players can also use the exclusive McLaren x Free Fire collection to equip characters with themed equipment.

Free Fire is Partnered with McLaren Signature Cars for Special Crossover enents

In addition, other small objects such as Glowall skins, surfboards, airships, and expressions are also inspired by McLaren. The founder, Bruce McLaren (Bruce McLaren) proposed the color scheme for the first time, so papaya and blue can be seen in the article.

The Chief Commercial Officer of McLaren Racing said: “We are very happy to work with Free Fire to bring McLaren racing into the game. Our fans are always looking for ways to connect with our team, and this integration is in a whole new way. Brings accessibility…this is an excellent collaboration as the number of games continues to grow and McLaren wants to be part of this growth!

Who is McLaren

First, a little background. McLaren has always lent its name and engineering talents to other carmakers. McLaren Special Operations produces bespoke vehicles for high-end customers and customers’ designated drivers.

And McLaren Automotive started with the goal of building, selling and keeping cars exclusively in McLaren’s own factory in Woking, UK. McLaren announced last year it would launch a new company, McLaren Special Operations, which would make McLaren a “performance vehicle and design house” in addition to making bespoke supercars and regular models.

You can check Garena Free Fire which is available in iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android, where the is available free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases.

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