PUBG Mobile update 1.7 release date and Royale Pass Month 5 start time confirmed

This month, the newest PUBG Mobile 1.7 update arrives with a bang. The Royale Pass will be available for purchase in an all-new promotional event starting on May 18th and ending June 8th! Make sure you don’t miss out by storing up those points now before they run out.

The wait is over! PUBG Mobile 1.7 will be launching in just 24 hours and it’s going to bring some major content drops for your favorite fans waiting on this update, so make sure you download the app before then, or else there might not be anything available when we finally get our hands on version 1.8 which should come out around summertime (rumor has it).

The League of Legends animated series is coming to Erangel and will add a huge man-made island in the middle. Players can enter this world through special modes for classic games, which could mean even more content if it goes well.

PUBG Mobile 1.7: Release Countdown, Free UC, Arcane Collab & More

The popular gaming universe has been expanded to include an all-new animated series that takes place within it, revealing elements from the upcoming season and introducing new characters! The first episode will be released on October 27th which means you’ll have time enough to prepare yourself before watching this great adventure unfold at home or work with your favorite coworkers when they stop by during coffee break… And if not? Well, there’s always Erangel mode where players can explore Mirror Island – one huge mystery floating above us.

A message from Krafton confirms: “Early in the game, Mirror Island can be explored by players for supplies. However soon as it reaches a certain point on its cycle mirroring Zaun or Piltover will activate and become extremely unstable trapping those who come into contact with its wind wall to either one of these iconic cities within League Of Legends.”

“Players can transform into the iconic champion Jinx and use unique weapons to battle other players on Mirror Island. Defeated characters return you back in your original form.”

PUBG Mobile is taking a step into the world of ARCLIVE with 1.7, which will be arriving very soon! This release has collaboration from League of Legends and more than just battling in mind for those who explore these new areas, as well as help people, discover clues on what’s happening within their own Arcane realms through interactions between characters throughout this breathtaking land.

Collaboration isn’t limited only to battles but also exploring strange landscapes where anything could happen – like finding out answers about your surroundings by talking or fighting foes along the way.

But it seems that the new Royale Pass will be included in this update as well, and there may even be some exciting gameplay mechanics coming our way.

The development team told Kotaku “according to their tests” knocked down players can now get carried instead of just revive or eliminate them which should make things more interesting for all involved!

“While carrying another player, movement speed is slowed and no other actions are available. Passive damage for the player being carried also occurs at a slower rate meaning it will take longer for them to be eliminated.”

“Whether you’re a veteran player or just getting started, the new update will have something for every type of gamer. With all your favorite modes set to remain playable in different game times each week (Metro Royale: Reunion, Vikendi Payload 2.0 Runic Power Survive Till Dawn Infection Mode), this is one version 1.7 update that won’t be missed!”


The new PUBG Mobile update 1.7 is expected to be released on November 16th and like in the past it will roll out regionally, meaning some players may not receive this patch at all, or if they do their download time could take hours.

The newest upcoming content for PUBG Mobile is about to be released, and it’s the month of November.

The new pass will include a free royal outfit along with other rewards! Players can enjoy duty-based missions in addition to regular matches through this season called Mirror Realm – which has been confirmed on release date set at 11/19/2021

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