XWeather: A Smart Weather Forecast App for Android, iOS & PC

XWeather is a free and easy-to-use application that allows you to view the current weather conditions in your city or place of work. It is also possible to create your customized weather conditions.

This is a useful application if you are traveling abroad and need accurate information about the current temperature and other meteorological data.

It can be used as an assistant for many tasks such as planning travel dates, checking the forecast, or checking if there is any change in the forecast over time. This will help you make more informed decisions when planning your trip.

XWeather also offers historical weather data, customizable widgets, and a variety of other features. 

What is XWeather


XWeather is a smart weather application that utilizes the latest artificial intelligence technology to provide users with up-to-the-minute forecasts and information on all surrounding conditions. With an easy-to-use interface and an extensive database of weather data, the XWeather app is sure to become a favorite among consumers and weather enthusiasts alike.

The search facility, bookmarks, widgets, and alerts make this app the ultimate companion for any traveler.

If you want to predict the weather in your destination, XWeather can help. It is powered by artificial intelligence, and it can learn about your local region and provide you with the weather forecast for the next few days.

XWeather is a feature-rich, elegant, and simple-to-use application designed to be a perfect companion for travelers. Below are some highlighted features of this app:

XWeather Features: 

• Weather Forecasts for 2700+ cities in over 100 countries

• Customizable widgets for your home screen

• Bookmark locations for easy access in the future

• Real-time weather radar and satellite imagery

• Location sharing feature lets you share your current Location with friends, family, and colleagues.

• Various alert types, including severe weather alerts and school closings.

• Weather Alerts, News, and Videos from Google and Yahoo!

• Home screen widgets allow you to view and share live weather conditions in your community.

• Updated weather information from NOAA, AccuWeather, Google, and Yahoo. 

How XWeather Does It Work

XWeather app displays the weather information in your city or town for the current day, the next two days, and locations in your vicinity. This live weather information is updated every minute from various sources to provide you with as close to real-time conditions as possible.

There is a small app in Your Home Widget that you can download onto your home screen. It connects to the Weather API of our app and displays the weather conditions in your area.

It can display weather in several ways:

• Forecast by Hour (with day and night forecast)

• Forecast by Day (with day, night, and weekend forecast)

• Forecast by Month (with month-by-month forecast)

• Forecast by Week (with week-by-week forecast)

• Forecast by Month and Week (with month and week forecast)

• Conditional Forecast (with temperature, visibility, humidity, and precipitation forecast)

• Shift Forecast (with shift forecast for the day)

• Weather Conditions Widget (displays weather condition in a widget)

• Location-based Weather Widget (displays weather

XWeather – Weather Forecast App Review

XWeather Review
XWeather Review

Xweather is one of the best weather applications for any Android and iOS device. It’s a free app with all the features like weather forecast, radar, maps, and interactive weather maps. In this application, you can easily get your weather anywhere.

I’ve been using this weather app for more than a month, and I’m getting good results from this application. This weather application allows you to get real-time information about weather situations in your city or country.

I like this weather app because you can set up weather alerts, and it will notify you when the weather is getting worse. Also, it notifies you about the upcoming dangerous situations like heavy rain and thunderstorm. You can also get some weather conditions in your city with this application.

The specialty of this app is that You can switch between seven different views; one of them is a map showing you your city’s weather conditions. The other views are:

  • Weather Alerts
  • Sunrise/Sunset, Moon Rise/Set, and Moon Phase.
  • Extreme Heat Index
  • Humidity
  • Air Quality Index (AQI)
  • Wind Speeds and Gusts.

Another feature that makes this app special is using it as a countdown timer for your events. You will be notified when it reaches the time.

The Radar Express features of this app also provide a detailed radar map of your city. You can see the weather conditions all over the city, including surrounding areas, and on a map with a satellite view. By swiping left or right, you can move around, and by tapping a location, you will get more information about that area.

How to Use the XWeather App on Android, IOS, & PC

This section will show you how to use the XWeather app on your Android phone or ios devices and your PC. For the Android and ios apps, you can also download them to your phone or tablet.

How to Use the XWeather App on Your iPhone

XWeather allows you to set a custom location that will be used as the default location for your weather notifications. You can also set up locations for the weather outside of your current location.

XWeather is integrated with two other apps from the XWeather family: XTraffic and XTraffic Lite. Together, these three apps provide you with the benefits of traffic alerts and travel information on your iOS device. For example, if you are in Seattle and want to get weather alerts for snowstorms in Mumbai, you can create a new location called Mumbai.

How to Install the XWeather App on Your iPhone

XWeather is available on the App Store, and it will work with your iPhone on any older or new iPhones, 6, 7, 8, or on the latest models like the 11,12 or 13 series once you have downloaded and installed XWeather, head over to the app to explore it.

You can use this app if you have already installed the Weather app on your phone, but if it is not, then you will need to install it. The app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store. You will need to set up a passcode or Touch ID if you have an iPhone with Touch ID enabled.

XWeather allows you to save your favorite locations and get notifications when bad weather. You can also set up alerts to tell you if the temperature or precipitation is getting too high or low.

Once you have the app installed, you can head over to the Weather section of the Xweather main page. The main section for weather is where you will find your saved locations.

How to Use the XWeather Pro App on Your Android Phone

The XWeather app is available on Google Playstore, and you can download it from there once the installation is complete. Head over to the app and explore it. The app is pretty user-friendly, with a lot of options.

The app will show you a map of your location, with a weather forecast at the bottom. You can select the zip code of your location, or you can also choose from the list of locations. You can even search for locations that are not on the list.

The XWeather app’s latest updates also come with a live weather radar, which shows you your location’s current conditions at a glance. The app also gives you an option to store weather information on your phone, and you can even share it with your friends.

XWeather Pro APK For Android

Getting Started XWeather Pro

XWeather Pro
XWeather Pro

XWeather Pro comes with an advanced feature that lets you view weather conditions for multiple locations simultaneously. You can save the data of your favorite Location and use it in the app or on your website.

The XWeather Pro app also comes with a weather trend report, revealing data about your location’s current weather.

To use XWeather Pro, first, download the xweather app. Once you’ve downloaded XWeather, you will need to set it up. This is done by selecting the “Set Up” button in the app’s top-left corner.

Once you have completed this setup process, you can begin adding locations.


There is a PrivateKeys.cs file located in the XWeather.iOS/Classes/  or XWeather/XWeather/Constants folder that contains 4 const string keys that need to be edited by editing the file and changing the password for your account.

Once you have completed this step, please go back to XWeather, use the “Add Location” button, and select your new Location.

The Keys can be set in empty strings but must be separated by a comma. The “Private” key is where you need to put your API Key, and the “Public” key is where you will put your Location’s latitude, longitude, and Distant Radius.

Once you have added this information, refresh your app, open the Location and wait for it to load.

Weather Underground for xWeather

XWeather gets weather data by using the Weather Underground API. The static files with the iOS and Android app bundles permit the making of tests and the application using the test information. To obtain live weather data or add other locations, it is necessary to set up a Weather Underground account and obtain an API key.

The API key is used on the Weather Underground site to access weather information. It can obtain the weather information from the Weather Underground site by using a browser, a mobile app, or the API key.

  • Sign up for a new Weather Underground account (or sign in to an existing Weather Underground account).
  • Buy an API Key and Select the ANVIL PLAT app from the list of choices for the API key.
  • Within PrivateKeys.cs, set the value of WuApiKey to your Weather Underground API Key.

Google Maps API key (Android)

To use the Location of XWeather in the Android system, you must acquire an API key for Google Maps.

  • Follow a step-by-step process to configure the Google Maps API key.
  • Within private keys.cs set the value of GoogleMapsApiKey to your Weather Underground API key.

Differences In XWeather and Weather.com 

Weather.com uses NOAA weather data from WSI, and XWeather uses NWS weather data from the National Weather Service. XWeather uses a 24-hour format (00:00, 01:00, 02:00 … 23:59). 

There is no way to add a specific time to the XWeather data. For example, if you want to check the weather in Kolkata City at 5:00 PM, you have to check the weather for the whole day and pick only one time. Weather.com gives you the option to add a specific time to the data.

For example, if you want to check the weather in Kolkata City at 5:00 PM, you have to check the weather for the whole day and pick only one time. 


XWeather is a very useful application, but it has some drawbacks. To make the weather more informative and user-friendly, the developers of XWeather should add an option to specify a specific time for each city.

Besides that, you can use XWeather to check the weather for any city, but you can’t add a specific time for each city.

But overall, XWeather is a useful application that lets you check the weather for any city, and it is worth your time.


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