Most Controversial Cricket Matches of all Time

Cricket has billions of fans all around the globe who not only love playing the game but also love indulging in watching major cricket tournaments and events. There are numerous reasons why individuals love the game of cricket.

For starters, according to Love Belfast, cricket is a thrilling game with rules and regulations that are easy to understand and follow. Besides this, major cricket matches offer fans of the sport the opportunity to witness their favorite players battle it out on their field against formidable opponents and teams, which adds to the thrill and excitement.

Moreover, thanks to the advancement of technology and digitalization, numerous outlets are available that facilitate fans to have a more immersive game experience, which is another reason that contributes to the sport’s popularity.

Earlier, people could merely watch cricket on their TV screens or by paying money and going to the stadium. Even though both ways offer a pleasurable experience, they are somewhat limiting, especially for hardcore cricket fans. However, fans can now have a more realistic and immersive experience of major tournaments and cricket leagues by indulging in fantasy cricket.

Fantasy cricket refers to an online fantasy-based game wherein players need to create a virtual team consisting of 11 players from an upcoming real-life cricket game. Players need to predict the outcome of different aspects of a cricket match and earn points. Fantasy cricket games require skills and knowledge about the game. Fans who wish to indulge in fantasy cricket games simply need to choose a good fantasy cricket app that fulfills their requirements and get started by registering on the platform.

As mentioned earlier, several major cricket tournaments, including international and domestic ones, are held throughout the year to entertain fans of the sport. These tournaments are filled with exciting and thrilling matches that showcase the skills and sportsmanship of top-tier players.

However, there have been numerous matches throughout the history of the game that has caused controversies. This article will cover some of the most controversial cricket matches that have left fans stunned. Let us get started:

1992 World CupEngland vs. South Africa

South Africa’s very first World Cup semi-final match did not turn out well for them. It was their first time participating in the World Cup and the team’s captain, Kepler Wessels, left no stone unturned to ensure that his squad proved itself.

After persevering and showing exceptional displays of skills and sportsmanship throughout the group stages, the Proteas side managed to reach the semi-finals and play against England. However, heavy rainfall reduced the match to 45 overs per innings.

England set up a target of 256 for the South African side to chase. The South African team responded well to the target, as they managed to put up 232 runs on the board after losing six wickets. They only required 22 runs from 13 balls to win the match and march into the finals.

However, rain struck again and interrupted the game. As per the Duckworth-Lewis method, the target remained the same, but the balls were reduced from 13 to 1. Due to this, the game received harsh criticism from fans all around the globe.

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1996 World Cup – India vs. Sri Lanka

One of the most controversial matches to ever take place in the history of official cricket matches is the matchup between India and Sri Lanka that took place in the 1996 World Cup. The game was played at the Eden Gardens stadium in Kolkata, India.

Sri Lanka batted first and set a good target of 252 runs. India lost the first wicket early in the game. However, the next batsman came and supported the opener in putting up a decent score of 98 in a few overs. Everything seemed to be going in India’s favor, but suddenly the tides turned, and the Indian cricket team lost seven wickets within scoring the subsequent 22 runs.

Since the match was being held on Indian grounds, the crowd could not fathom their team losing the game and started throwing water bottles and anything they had onto the field. The match referee, namely Clive Lloyd, announced a 15-minute break. However, things did not settle down even after the break. Hence, he called off the match, and as a result, Sri Lanka was declared the winner.

2006 Test Series – Pakistan vs. England

Another controversial match that got its name etched in cricket history forever is the test match that took place between England and Pakistan. The match took place on 20th August at the renowned Oval stadium in England. It was the fourth day of the final test between the two teams.

A huge controversy arose when Darrell Hair, the game’s umpire, accused the Pakistani team of tampering with the ball. This event happened after the lunch break, and as a result, the English team was awarded five runs as a penalty. The Pakistani team did not take it well. After the team went into the pavilion for the tea break, they decided not to return to the field. It was an attempt by the team to display their feelings of protest.

After the Pakistani team did not return for a while, the umpires removed the wickets’ bails and declared England the winners. Even though the Pakistani team returned to the field after an hour, the game had officially ended.

If you wish to know about some of the most controversial matches in cricket history, refer to the matches mentioned above.

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FAQs about Cricket

  • Who is the most controversial cricketer?

    The most controversial cricketer is undoubtedly former Australian captain Steve Smith. His involvement in the ball-tampering scandal of 2018 resulted in a one-year ban from international cricket and made him one of the most hated players in the game. He has since returned to cricket and has put up impressive performances, but the controversy still lingers.

  • Which is the most thrilling match in cricket history?

    The most thrilling match in cricket history is the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Final between England and New Zealand. The match went into a Super Over after both teams were tied at the end of regulation play, with England eventually emerging victorious. It was an incredibly exciting match that will be remembered by cricket fans for years to come.

  • What was the big cricket scandal?

    The biggest cricket scandal was the match-fixing scandal of 2000, which involved several international cricketers. It exposed a number of players who had taken money to underperform or lose matches. This resulted in punishments for some of the players, as well as a widespread investigation into corruption in cricket.

  • Which is the weakest cricket team in the world?

    According to the ICC rankings, the weakest cricket team in the world is currently Papua New Guinea. They are ranked 22nd out of the 28 teams listed. They have yet to qualify for a major tournament such as the World Cup or Champions Trophy.

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