Best Tips & tricks to win close combat in BGMI

BGMI is a famous battle royale game that requires skills to win a unique Title, and close combat plays a great role in winning the Battle. So we are here with some of the best tips and tricks to help you win the immediate battle in BGMI.

Before jumping into this guide, players should check their sensitivity settings and controls. For example, by entering a training area through a cheer park to adjust them accordingly to the vehicle, they’ll use during combat; one of those being tapping on unnecessary buttons can make you vulnerable to death if done poorly.

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Tips to win any close-range combat in BGMI

Close combat is an intense battle that can become out quickly. If your strategies are not prepared for it, you will lose the battle against another player. Below are listed tips and tricks to win close combat in BGMI:

1. Aim only for Headshots:

Best Tips & tricks to win close combat in BGMI

When in a close combat situation, always try to aim for headshots. It will take your opponent down instantly and save you some time. So, a player should always try for a headshot. Headshots never betray your trust. Also, the player needs to look for them and no other things.

2. Use Blind fire to take down the enemy quickly

2. Use Blind fire to take down the enemy quickly

Blind firing is one of the best techniques that can help you win close combat, especially if your opponent also has a gun. If you are running towards your opponent, use blind fire to take them down fast.

Blind firing does not require you to aim the target, and it will fire bullets on its own. So, if your opponent is also using blind fire against you, stay calm and not panic. It’s a challenging situation, but I need the patience to win close combat in BGMI.

3. Shotguns are no less than any guns in close combat:

shortgun in bgmi

Shotguns are a powerful weapon in close combat. If you are using a shotgun in a close combat situation, make sure to aim for your opponent’s chest. It is because the shotgun blast spreads at a wide angle, so it will be hard for your opponent to dodge it.

4. Melee weapons can be deadly in close combat:

Melee weapons

Melee weapons are the most dangerous weapon in close combat. Get a massive range of melee weapons and be ready to use them against your enemies. If you have little space to maneuver, you can easily take down your opponent with these kinds of weapons without wasting time. All you need is just one strike on your opponent’s head, and they are down.

5. Choose the right gun for close combat:

Shotguns in bgmi

Choosing the right gun according to your playing style is also essential. There are many guns available in the BGMI Battle Royale game that have excellent fire rates and capacity. Some of the best weapons are M416, Groza, AKM, etc., which can be used efficiently in close combat.

6. Use Grenades in close combat:

Use Grenades

Grenades can be very helpful in close combat situations. If you are using grenades, make sure to throw them right at your opponent’s feet. It will create a huge blast and take your opponent down with it. So, always try to use grenades while in close combat.

7. Scope and Cover Should be used Wisely

BGMI using scope and cover technique

Scope and cover are essential things that can help you win close combat in BGMI. It would help if you always tried to find a size before entering a battle with your opponent. Scopes are primarily available at the starting points of the map, so be quick to get it.

The scope will ensure that no one overpowers you in close combat, and the cover will help you hide from your opponent’s bullets. So, always try to use scope and cover wisely in close combat situations.

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Tips & Tricks In BGMI To Become A Pro

To win close combat in BGMI, it is important to use your character’s strengths and abilities. Here are some tips and tricks to help you emerge victorious in hand-to-hand combat:

1) Make use of your character’s unique abilities. For example, if you are a fighter, use your Power Attack and Critical Strike abilities. If you are a cleric or paladin, use your Turn Undead and Smite Evil abilities.

2) Get the jump on enemies by targeting them from behind while they’re engaged in combat with other party members. This is especially helpful when using ranged weapons such as bows or crossbows.

3) Use spells and abilities that stun or immobilize your enemies. This will give you an advantage in close combat, allowing you to strike them more easily.

4) Use your character’s armor and shields to your advantage. For example, if you are a fighter wearing heavy armor, use the Tower Shield ability to bonus your armor class.

5) Use your character’s weapon skills to your advantage. For example, if you are using a sword and shield, use the Shield Bash ability to stun your enemies. If you are using a bow, use the Power Shot ability to deal more damage.

6) Stay aware of your opponent’s weaknesses. For example, if you are fighting a fire-based enemy, use spells or abilities that deal fire damage. If you are fighting an ice-based enemy, use magic or skills that deal with ice damage.

7) Make use of the flanking bonus. When attacking an enemy from the side or rear, you bonus your attack and damage rolls.

8) Use ranged weapons whenever possible. This will allow you to deal damage from a safe distance without putting yourself in danger.

9) Keep your allies alive and healthy. The more supporters you have fighting alongside you, the greater your chances of winning close combat.

Closing Thoughts

Close combat is a very intense battle that can be won using the right strategies. So, always try to use the tips and tricks mentioned above while in close combat situations, and you will come out as the winner. Thanks for reading.

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