How to get chicken expert title in BGMI | Chicken master title in BGMI 2023

Want to Get a chicken expert title in BGMI? Want to know “how to get a chicken master title in BGMI“? Then, you have come to the right place. Here we will share with you some tips and tricks to get the Chicken master title in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The Expert Chicken title is one of the rarest titles on BGMI, and it can’t be achieved quickly. Getting a Rare title on BGMI is very hard compared to other regular titles. Anyone can obtain it by completing missions in the game. With this title, you will wear a chicken suit to increase your speed by 10%. However, it is tough to get this title because it only appears after every five levels that you complete successfully.

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How to get chicken expert title in BGMI/PUBG Mobile

In this guide, we will share some tips and tricks to get Chicken expert titles on BGMI/PUBG Mobile. Follow the Below Steps for a step-by-step guide to achieving the Chicken Master/expert title.

How to get chicken expert title in BGMI

About Chicken Expert Title:- 

Title NameChicken Expert
DescriptionWin solo classic matches in the following
ways while in the platinum tier or above.

How to get Chicken Master title in BGMI

Step 1: First, Open your Account and navigate to the Rewards Option.

How to get Chicken master title in BGMI

Step 2: Click on Missions and go to Achievements Pages.

How to get Chicken master title in BGMI

Step 3: Now Click on the Glorious Moments and scroll down to see the achievements.

How to get chicken expert title BGMI

Easy way to get chicken expert title BGMI/Pubg Mobile

To complete the Battlegrounds Mobile India achievement quickly, follow the below-given steps.

To complete the achievement and get the Battlegrounds Mobile India Chicken Expert title, we need to complete the following tasks

  • Three hundred own permanent outfit skins.
  • Collect 20 permanent parachutes.
  • 50 permanent weapon skins.

How to get a Chicken expert in BGMI easily

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To get the chicken expert, firstly, you have to do a mission called the “Roadkill” mission. You can find it in the center of the map at Alakurtti city. You have to go there for this. At each completed level, you will gain one chicken expert title. I finished this mission three times, and I got three chicken expert titles.

But the problem is that it is challenging to get this title in Battlegrounds Mobile India. It is an essential title because you can wear a chicken suit with this title, increasing your speed up to 10%.

Now here’s the catch, instead of getting a chicken expert by completing a mission, just follow these steps and guarantee yourself to get 3 Chicken Expert titles without doing any task.

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The most realistic and easy method of getting a Chicken Expert title

1. Open PUBG MOBILE, then make a team with two friends.

2. As the team leader, start matchmaking. You will get five slots in total. If it shows “0/5,” it means it can hold more players. Join all the empty slots and even though there is no one in the places, wait for 10 seconds and press “CONTINUE.”

3. Now, the team leader should add two friends to the group and start searching for a match again. You will get five slots still, but it won’t show any message about empty spaces now. It shows “3/5” if your friends are also added to the team.

4. After searching, It will show you the two different teams as “WINNER” and “LOSER.” As a team leader, Stand in your team’s area (Winner) with two friends and let the 3rd player join another team. This third player is very crucial for this method. Now start playing.

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5. As soon as you spawn on the map, just run straight and enter the water. Keep running (don’t ever stop) until you reach the map’s northern side. Run through the woods. If you see any other player, kill him immediately, but keep moving forward.

Chicken Expert is one of the Rare titles in PUBG mobile. Getting a rare title in BGMI is very hard compared to regular ones.

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