How To Get Anna Character In BGMI: Get Rewards, Costumes, And More

Anna is a new character that is available in BGMI and will be released at the latest update in the C2S6 Royal Pass event. Anna is a strong energy attacker and she can deal a lot of damage in the beginning.

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s (BGMI APK) new C2S7 Royal Pass is going to be out soon in June 2022. With this pass, there are many characters and weapons that can only be seen in the game with a specific character or weapon! Anna will also have her own separate chapters for those who want more information about what she has been up to since we last saw her at Hyperion Cove.

If you want to unlock Anna, the new character for Mario Tennis Aces, and are looking forward to knowing about her features, cost, or how can get it then this article is just the right place. This article introduces Anna’s buffs, skills and reference build to help you understand her well.

How To Unlock Anna In BGMI Latest updates

PUBG Mobile Anna Character
BGMI Anna Character

Anna is a decent-looking investigating reporter character in BGMI that can be unlocked and tested today, namely on November 16th. She costs 600 UC to unlock as well as a tryout with no limitations! Be sure not to miss out by getting Anna early before she’s gone for good- only available at the store until then!”

Anna might be able to enter BGMI for free soon after her release. All you need to do is wait and the character will become available in crates, so it won’t cost anything extra if that’s what interests you!

Anna is a new character that will be available in BGMI soon, and she’s absolutely free. All you have to do is wait for her crates. Once they start popping up on the shop floor or through Strikes portals which could take days if not weeks depending on how far away from launch day someone gets their hands on them there’s no point spending your UC because we’ll just give it right back when this happens.

And by then who knows what kind of prices people might put Anna at? More than likely higher than before: “The price goes up 10 beans every time I see him!”

Anna is going to be available in two new costumes that were specifically made for her. The first of these, “Island Traveler Anna”, will be released soon and it’s a vibrant costume with an interesting design.

It can’t get any more exotic than this – if you want something like what she wears on islands all over the world then make sure not to miss out when they release their newest arrivals from the BGMI Character Customization section.

Anna Character In BGMI: Level Up Rewards

Here is the list of achievements and rewards for completing them has been updated with the latest Anna character in BGMI.

LevelLevel Up Rewards 
Lv 1Anna
Lv 2Anna Voice Pack
Lv 3Character Voucher
Lv 4Character Shard
Lv 5Further Analysis
Lv 6Anna Voice Pack
Lv 7Character Voucher
Lv 8Character Shard
Lv 9Anna Voice Pack
Lv 10MVP

Features Anna Buffs

1. 70% Attack Power Increase at the Beginning! Her ultimate skill also increases attack power by up to 40%. 2 But it requires 10 seconds cooldown so use it carefully.

2. The chance of stun increases when using basic attacks or other skills.

3. And stun duration will increase from 1 second to 2 seconds at Lv3. This passive skill is really useful because stun helps you cancel an enemy’s special active skills which makes a battle easier for everybody else too!

4. 100% Critical Rate & Double Damage! If you are not sure about this buff, you may want to consider decreasing other buffs.

Details and Tips and Tricks to Get Anna’s Character

For Anna, the developers have set up a gift event. This is called “Anna’s Gift” and it will be giving 350 Character Vouchers to all PUBG Mobile players in one go.

With the help of these character vouchers, you will be able to claim Anna absolutely free and not only Anna but other characters as well. If we talk about their duration in this event? Well, it’s going on till November 22nd which means there is a total of 7 days for players who want their particular favorite from Disney’s newest mobile game.

To claim your 350-character voucher, complete the tasks and you’ll get one!

  • In the first mission, you have to log in for 2 days in the Game, and after that 20 character vouchers will be given.
  • In the second mission, you need to login for 3 days and then 30 character vouchers will appear in your inventory.
  • To unlock the third mission, you have to login and play for 5 days. After that period of time is up, 50-character vouchers are given as an award.
  • In the fourth mission, you must complete a match in any mode and then get 10-character vouchers.
  • In the fifth mission, you have to play 3 matches of any mode and then receive 20 character vouchers.
  • In the sixth mission, you have to play a total of five matches in any mode after which your rewards will be 30 character vouchers.
  • Thankfully, there are 40 character vouchers in the game and they’re all available to unlock immediately. You can get them by playing 10 matches after which you will receive a code that guarantees your desired characters for use on any mode including online ones.
  • The next mission is a real challenge, so you’ll have to spend 60 minutes in the game. Afterward, if successful you will get 15 character vouchers.
  • After the eleventh mission, you will be able to travel for 2000 meters in your vehicle and get 20-character vouchers.
  • The mission is almost over! You have to travel 5000 meters in the vehicle, after which you’ll get 40-character vouchers.
  • In the fourteenth mission, you need to chat with your friend before getting 5 character vouchers.
  • The fifteenth mission has players play 1 match with their squad, which will be rewarded 15 character vouchers.
  • You will get 15 character vouchers under the login reward after starting your first game.

With these missions, you will be able to claim all 350 character vouchers and with them at your side, Anna the Witch is yours for free.

The release date for this event has not yet been announced but it’s coming soon.

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