PUBG NEW STATE MOD APK (MOD Menu, Unlimited UC, No Recoil)

There’s no doubt that PUBG is the most popular game for Mobile devices, In PUBG NEW STATE mod APK, you have to survive in a world with harsh conditions.

Players have to learn how to fight and get the title of the best fighter in new royal battle royale games like Fortnite Battle Royale more engaging than ever before.

All actions take place on an updated map where every building is filled with technological advancements that turn each game into one wild ride.



DeveloperKRAFTON, Inc.
Size1.4 Gb
DateNovember 2023
Requires Android6.0+


There are multiple steps to installing PubG, but it’s worth the effort. To get started

  • After the download is complete, open the file manager and install  PUBG New State MOD APK.
  • Make sure to enable “Allow from this source” in device settings for First-time installation before completing the setup process.
  • Now Move the OBB files to Android> OBB>com.pubg.newstate.beta. If this folder doesn’t exist, create it with the same name
  • Open PUBG: New State Mod APK, login, and enjoy.


The game is not for the faint of heart; death awaits you around every corner. To protect yourself, we suggest downloading a mod with an auto-aim function that allows you to increase your accuracy greatly or downloading all files at once in one file with a built-in cache if time and nerves are precious resources.


PPUBG NEW STATE MOD APK is in alpha testing mode. This means that the game will still be actively refined and changed, so it might not work correctly yet. In this regard, keep up with our updates to stay informed of all the latest news as you play.

As soon as you enter the game, there are many heroes to choose from with different appearances. It is impossible to create a unique hero here but you can dress them up in skins. Since it’s possible for players not to have much money at first they must fight their way out of battle quickly or else get killed by other players on another team that want your loot. And it’s important to win some battles quickly.

The NEW STATE map for PUBG is unlike any other. It has many modern attractions that make it unique and fun to play on, such as the planetarium in the center of town or an all-night diner along one side of a large stadium. The game takes place in 2051 where anything can happen!

Main places:

  • Trailer park.
  • Military camp.
  • Shopping center.
  • Tram factory.
  • Laboratory.
  • City Hall.
  • Luxury home.
  • Showroom.
  • Port.
  • Cemetery.
  • Police station.

It allows you to Visit all the unique places in Troy during the alpha test!

One of the most interesting features of PUBG: NEW STATE is the ability to view your detailed statistics at the end of a match to gain valuable information about how you are performing. You can see kills, deaths, headshots, and more with our visualized timeline! Use this data to learn for next time so that you perform better in future matches.


Read our full review to the end to find out all the special features of the new game.



Electric Car In PUBG: electric cars are light and can reach high speeds. The chassis is stronger than a conventional car due to modern materials making it lighter as well as more durable. Use the Extra Acceleration feature sparingly since this will quickly drain energy from your battery which you cannot replenish by simply driving in the blue zone alone because of its quick-draining properties when used frequently or for extended periods of time on end with little rest between uses despite being fully recharged prior to using again.

So use with caution lest you be left stranded far away from where most players fight near each other at all times during matches located within 100m range gap gaps ensuring that no player stays too long before another comes back into play yet sometimes not always but occasionally they may respawn.

Trams in PUBG:

PUBG NEW STATE MOD APK is an efficient form of transport that quickly moves you between locations. Tram follows a given route at a constant speed and has bulletproof glass around it, allowing people inside to watch enemies relatively safely. Bulletproof trams are very good for traveling across large distances without being injured by dangerous forces or elements but they have no breaks hence try not getting into its path otherwise this might cause major damage.

Bulletproof trams are a safe way to travel between locations in the world. They move at constant speeds, so you can clearly see their routes mapped out on a map if necessary. However, it’s probably best that these vehicles not be caught in the enemy crossfire!



Explore the map to find safe areas and strategize your battle plan. You can jump anywhere on Troy’s massive world, which will be narrowed every few minutes as zones decrease in size so that it becomes increasingly difficult to fight through each zone. Fight in a variety of locations such as cemeteries, kindergartens, or even supermarkets for additional supplies like food and water with limited resources available throughout the game.

One of the most interesting aspects is how gorgeous and detailed each map looks. There are many locations to explore, such as monuments, large buildings (e.g., hospitals), forests, open areas; all this adds charm to the game! You can find a wide variety of weapons and fight opponents throughout PUBG: NEW STATE.

Another cool thing about it is that there are also new city designs, you’ll be able to see a small 3D model with marked zones during flight time so it helps players understand where everything location-wise will take place from early on in their journey. Don’t forget those zone markers which appear every few minutes too – they’re present around your surrounding area whenever needed for guidance purposes or just added support.


PUBG: NEW STATE APK gameplay follows exactly the same rules as in the classic Battle Royale. However, there is also a difference – instead of searching for loot, you can buy it with money found around on dead bodies and buildings.

You may find items like first aid kits or pain relievers to heal yourself quickly after getting hurt; weapon kits that give your weapons improved abilities; shields that protect against damage from bullets traveling towards them; signal flares to call an airplane dropping rare supplies near where you are standing; gun ammo packs etc.

All are available at stores located throughout the map (shown below). After collecting enough money by looting however much-desired goods, place an order in-store then choose delivery point somewhere close-by within 10 seconds.


The Flare Gun is a fun innovation that allows you to revive your teammate even if they died 90 seconds before. You can purchase it from the drone store with no restrictions and then fire into the sky, selecting one of your teammates to resurrect. Revive allies as long as their death happened within 90 seconds prior – once this happens, they will appear on a parachute at the place where you launched it! Animated players won’t have any equipment when revived via flare gun — so keep an eye out for those parachutes in each match!


Search drones in PUBG New State mod APK are an excellent option for aerial reconnaissance to gain the upper hand in PUBG. You will be vulnerable while flying a drone, so always keep your eyes open and ready to engage enemies on foot if spotted. Search drones do not highlight opponents–you may simply miss them as you fly overhead!

Shields is another great tool to use during combat. Activate them whenever you need cover from enemy fire and attacks, but they cannot be moved once installed. There are two types of shields available: the standard model and the wide version with additional cover. A deployable shield blocks any incoming damage until it breaks or is destroyed by excessive force; choose your seat wisely based on where enemies tend to attack most often!


The graphics in PUBG NEW STATE MOD APK are refined when compared to the original game. In addition, all of the animations have been transferred from the computer version of PUBG and a new technique called roll has been introduced allowing you to hide behind obstacles while being pursued by enemies. The project also features good optimization as it doesn’t slow down even on medium devices despite having high-quality visuals similar to PC versions.

Sounds were completely converted over from their original form with gunshots heard miles away along with transport sounds adding an immersive element for players looking for realism within mobile gaming experiences that rival other titles offered currently through app stores like Google Play Store or iTunes App Store available via Apple iOS products or Android smartphones/tablets respectively which help expand reach across multiple platforms.


PUBG is a new battle royale game that can compete with all similar projects. If you have not tried this application yet, do it faster! Download the app on Android or iOS and prepare for an addictive experience. And if you are still wondering How to download -Just follow the above steps and download the PUBG NEW STATE MOD APK DOWNLOAD Links. Have fun playing!

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