BGMI 2.9 Update is Here | BGMI 2.9 Winter Update Release Date, Time and New Features

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the beloved battle royale game, is set to receive a chilly makeover with its upcoming 2.9 winter update. As the temperatures drop, the gaming experience is about to heat up with a slew of exciting features and transformations.

Let’s delve into the frosty details of the BGMI 2.9 Winter Update, including its release date, time, and the enchanting additions it brings to the gaming table.

The Winter Whirlwind: Key Highlights

BGMI’s 2.9 update is set against a winter wonderland backdrop, introducing a plethora of features that promise to elevate the gaming experience. Here are the highlights of what players can expect:

1. Release Date and Time

According to leaks from ClassifiedYT, the 2.9 update is expected to drop on November 28, ushering in the winter-themed festivities. The release window is set between 5:00 am to 7:00 am, adding an element of anticipation for BGMI enthusiasts.

2. Frozen Kingdom Mode

The winter theme, aptly named the Frozen Kingdom mode, will blanket the iconic Erangel map in a pristine layer of snow. This seasonal transformation is not just cosmetic; it brings forth exciting changes, including snow rails, villages, and the much-anticipated snow blaster.

3. New Features

The 2.9 update is a cornucopia of new features, enhancing gameplay in various dimensions. Some noteworthy additions include:

  • Silvanus X-Suit and Avalanche X-Suit Upgrades: Power up your character with enhanced suits for a more formidable presence on the battlefield.
  • Snow Village: Discover special rewards at locations like Stalber in Erangel, Iceberg in Livik, and Goroka in Vikendi.
  • Snow Rail: Navigate the snow-covered landscape swiftly using this new transportation feature.
  • Snowball Blaster: Unleash the power of snow with this unique weapon, turning enemies into snowmen or creating temporary cover.
  • Snow Board and Reindeer Vehicle: Move in style across the Frozen Kingdom with these new modes of transportation.
  • Lucky Ice and Lucky Ice Tower: Discover these intriguing elements scattered across the snowy terrain.
  • Snow Blast Zone and Snow Toddlers: Engage in thrilling encounters and discover unique zones and challenges.

4. Royale Pass A3

The winter festivities extend to the Royale Pass A3, launching at 7:30 AM IST on November 20. With over 100 levels, this pass introduces a host of exciting items, including the Gutsy Lass Set, Uncanny Carnival FAMAS, Mythic Emblem Fragment Ashamed, Spectral Night Plane Finish, Ghastly Gloom Helmet, Steampunk Raider Parachute, Drum Sensation DP28, Nitro Maniac.

Navigating the Winter Landscape

As the Frozen Kingdom spreads across Erangel, Livik, and Vikendi, players will encounter new challenges and opportunities. Here’s a sneak peek into how the winter update will transform the gaming dynamics:

  • Snow Rail Navigation: Travel swiftly across the snow-covered map using the newly introduced snow rails, adding an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay.
  • Snow Villages: Uncover special rewards and engage in intense battles at the newly introduced snow villages strategically placed on the map.
  • Vehicle Garage: Customize your vehicle in the new garage and leave distinctive tire trails on the snow-covered terrain.
  • Reindeer Mount: Traverse the Frozen Kingdom in style with the new reindeer mount, offering an alternative mode of transportation.

A Glimpse into Festive Arsenal

The winter update brings not only gameplay enhancements but also a festive arsenal to BGMI. Expect festival-themed weapons and skins to celebrate Diwali, complemented by winter-themed additions:

  • Icicle Mini14 Gun Skin: Access the Pastel Puff set in the premium crate, adding a touch of winter charm to your arsenal.


BGMI’s 2.9 winter update is poised to immerse players in a seasonal spectacle, offering a perfect blend of festivity and strategic gameplay. As the Frozen Kingdom unfolds, brace yourselves for a gaming experience like never before.

Stay tuned for the official announcement of the release date and time, and get ready to embrace the winter wonderland in Battlegrounds Mobile India!

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